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Started in 2007, Sevenside Media helps people become better at what they enjoy doing. Our brands have reached millions with a focus on fellow gearheads and automotive enthusiasts.

Delivering Knowledge in New Ways

We take expertise and turn it into "new media." This includes apps, websites, videos, online courses, podcasts, games and more. Our goal is to help audiences learn better and have a more enjoyable experience than they would with traditional approaches.

Portfolio Highlights

We invest wherever audiences have a hefty appetite for learning and a do-it-yourself attitude. Some of our most popular brands serve the automotive and gaming markets.

Gallium Racing School

The same information from traditional racing schools now online.


The popular companion app for Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport now in its eighth year.

AutoHowTV Channel


Detailed instructional videos for DIY car enthusiasts.

What Customers Say

  • "I’ve been using ForzaTune since the beginning. That being said, each version released is better than the last and has helped me take my cars and tunes to the next level"

    –Gman832, ForzaTune 6 review on the App Store
    ForzaTune Testimonial 1
  • "Thanks again. The course has really improved my racing."

    –Scott, student at Gallium Racing School
    Gallium Testimonial 2
  • "Very well done...after watching this product, I'm more comfortable in tackling a tune-up. This was money well spent."

    –Wayken, on Maintain Your Mustang DVD Series
    Maintain Your Mustang Testimonial
  • "The presentation is excellent, especially the speed of delivery that gives your brain time to really comprehend what was just discussed."

    –Peter, student at Gallium Racing School
    Gallium Testimonial 1

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